Study Shows People RH Negative Blood Aren’t From Earth, And May Not Even Be Human

Study Shows People RH Negative Blood Aren’t From Earth, And May Not Even Be Human

It is very essential for people to know or have information about their blood group. People have blood groups that are denoted Alphabets or more than 1 alphabets like Blood Group O, A, B or AB. Apart from these blood types or blood groups there is another Blood type as well. It can also be RH positive or RH negative blood type. The RH or the Rhesus factor notifies a certain antigen that is found in human blood. If there Rh antigen is not present in your blood or your blood lacks the said antigen, then the person is considered to be having Rh-Negative blood type. There are more than 80 percent people in the world that have the said antigen while the other more than 14 percent do not.

People or subjects who are RH Negatives tend to show some interesting and fascinating traits. According to the study of genetics, it was found that people can only what our fore-fathers or from our ancestral backgrounds. There are exceptions in case there is a mutation. There can be a number of combinations of traits from our ancestors. Hence, if there is a similarity in the ancestral backgrounds, there is a chance that their blood can be considered as compatible. The evolution of their blood must have been evolved from a common ancestor, and the blood itself has evolved at the same rate and same ways. Blood Factors gets transmitted with more accuracy. Primates have this Rh factor in their blood. If all human beings have the same origin, their blood has to be compatible. The RH Positive blood can have their traces back to the Rhesus monkey and other primates. There is one more thing that you can see. If the mother has Rh Negative and the father is RH positive, there is a high probability that the baby born of the two parents inherits that RH Positive factor of the father.

That is the reason that when you mate a Mule with another Mule with the motive of creating another, this doesn’t work out. This is same as, you can’t breed a pair of Ligers to get another Liger. Creatures who live on earth can reproduce with other pairs of their species. Regardless of their size or color but it is not possible to breed 2 mixed species together at the same time. If you do that, there is a chance that you might get the Haemolytic disease. This is the allergic reaction that occurs when there is an RH negative mother who is carrying a child who is RH positive. The mother’s blood builds up some antibodies to destroy a virus or an Alien substance. This process destroys the baby. This doesn’t occur anywhere else except in humans. There is nobody found to explain the reason behind the origins of RH Negative individuals. People who are familiar with blood and its compositions, can assume that such individuals can be mutants or our descendants from a distinct ancestor. What are the reasons that makes Rh Factor so critical? People who are RH Negative tend to have stranger characteristics that are rare than other people in the society. These include:

A feeling of being left alone, They seek truth, An extra rib or a vertebra, more than average IQ level, Empathy and Compassionate attitude towards mankind, attraction or love for Space and Science, a sensitive vision and other senses, high level psychic or intuitive abilities, lower-level body temperature, high-level blood pressure, blue/green/hazel eye color, reddish tint hair color, high sensitive to heat and sunlight.

There are different personality characteristics that are possessed by people of different blood groups as well.

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Type O:

They like to find themselves amidst the leadership in the hierarchy. These guys are highly goal oriented and want to get what they want. They are also trend-setters, loyal and more self-confident. Their weaknesses include a relatively rude attitude.

Type A:

These guys are relatively peaceful and calm and like organized things throughout. They are relatively good team players and have a sensitive attitude. They are more patient yet, they are more stubborn and are more of restless souls.

Type B:

These are some rugged individuals and tend to be quite straightforward and have their own way of doing things. They are creative and have a flexible attitude and adapt to any given situation. They rely on being more independent can cross limits.

Type AB:

These guys have a control over themselves and try to relax people out. They are born entertainers and are tactful and have a fair attitude. They have a blunt attitude and usually have difficulty making decisions.

There are a lot of variations that effects your personality. There are a lot of theories that hover around this fact that there is a lot of stuff that you can tell by studying the human blood and blood group.

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