Hydrocodone 10/650mg

Hydrocodone 10/650mg

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Hydrocodone is a synthetic opioid derivative of codeine. It is usually used in combination with acetaminophen to control moderate to severe pain. Hydrocodone has been used as a cough suppressant in the past, although it has been replaced by dextromethorphan in the current cough and cold formula. Hydromorphone, a more potent metabolite of hydrocodone, is also often used as an analgesic, often in severe pain situations.

How to use Hydrocodone

Hydrocodone is a delayed-release capsule (long-acting) and a sustained-release tablet (long-acting) that can be taken orally. Delayed-release capsules are usually taken every 12 hours. Prolonged-release tablets are usually taken once a day. Take Hydrocodone at around the same time each day. Follow the instructions on the prescription label carefully and ask the doctor or pharmacist to explain any parts that you do not understand. Take Hydrocodone exactly as your doctor has told you.

Swallow a sustained-release capsule or a sustained-release tablet with plenty of water each time. Swallow each capsule or tablet immediately after you put it in your mouth. Do not soak, moisten, or lick prolonged-release tablets before putting them in your mouth.

Your doctor can start taking low-dose hydrocodone and gradually increase your dose if you don’t need to control your pain more than once every 3 to 7 days. After a period of taking Hydrocodone, your body can gradually adapt to this medication. In this case, your doctor may increase your dose of hydrocodone or prescribe other medicines to control the pain. Talk to your doctor about how you feel during hydrocodone treatment. Do not stop taking Hydrocodone without consulting a doctor.

Side Effects Hydrocodone

Some side effects of hydrocodone can occur and do not usually require medical attention. If the body adapts to the drug, these side effects may go away during treatment. Your doctor can also tell you how to prevent or reduce these side effects. Please contact your doctor if the following side effects persist or are annoying or if you have any questions about these side effects:

  • Relatively common, general
  • Difficulty with bowel movements
  • Occasionally
  • Back pain
  • Dry mouth
  • heartburn
  • Muscle cramps
  • Stomach pain or discomfort

Precautions For Hydrocodone

Hydrocodone can become a habit, especially when used for a long time. Take Hydrocodone exactly as directed. Do not eat, and do not take it any other way than recommended by the doctor. Discuss your pain management goals, treatment time, and other pain management options with your doctor when taking Hydrocodone. Tell your doctor if you or someone in your family has been drinking alcohol, consuming a lot of alcohol, using street or street drugs, using prescription medication, or suffering from depression or other mental illness. If you have or have had any of these conditions, there is a higher risk of excessive use of hydrocodone.

Hydrocodone can cause breathing to slow down or stop, especially at any time during the first 24 to 72 hours of treatment and at higher doses. Your doctor will adjust your dose to control your pain and reduce the risk of serious breathing problems. Your doctor may tell you not to take hydrocodone. Also tell the doctor if you have lung diseases, such as a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD; a group of diseases affecting the lungs and respiratory tract), a head injury or a disease that increases the pressure in the brain. If you are an adult or if you are weak or malnourished due to an illness, you may have difficulty in breathing. If you experience any of the following symptoms, call a doctor or go to an emergency doctor immediately: slow breathing, long pauses in breathing, or difficulty breathing.

Hydrocodone Storage

  • Store this medicine in a temperature range of 20 ° C to 25 ° C.
  • Store it in a container with a childproof cover.
  • Keep this medicine away from the light.

Drug Interactions Hydrocodone

Narcotic analgesics and antihistamines, antipsychotics, anxiolytics, or other central nervous system inhibitors (including alcohol and sedatives) may interact. If you are taking any of these drugs, your doctor may need to adjust your dose of hydrocodone/acetaminophen

Overdose Hydrocodone

Signs and symptoms of overdose include respiratory depression, excessive sleepiness, coma, skeletal muscle relaxation (lim), cold or sticky skin, bradycardia (slow heartbeat), and hypotension (low blood pressure). An overdose can lead to apnea, circulatory failure, cardiac arrest, and even death. Paracetamol can cause fatal liver necrosis, renal tubular necrosis, hypoglycemic coma, and thrombocytopenia (thrombocytopenia).

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